High-Tech Data Processing Solutions

Design, Development and Deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technologies.

About Us

We develop custom high-tech data processing solutions for:

  • Industrial process optimization and predictive analysis
  • Business intelligence for finance
  • Healthcare and precision medicine
  • Transportation, logistics and geolocalization
  • Chemistry and materials
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Green energy and utilities


Big data analytics

Data processing, extraction, scraping and cleaning. Feature extraction for predictive analysis (AI). Storage and High Performance Computing (HPC) elaboration.

Artificial Intelligence

Design, training and deployment of custom AI models for forecast, anomaly detection, classification and real-time inference. Natural language processing.

Business Intelligence

Real-time decision making from large volumes of data. Optimization of cost, speed and precision. Sentimental analysis.

Quantum Technologies

Quantum optimization, modelling and control for industrial applications involving quantum sensing, communication and computing.

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